Savile travels to Radio Aire

Sir Jimmy Savile has joined Radio Aire to pledge his support for WWF’s Earth Hour on Saturday 28th March.

The Earth Hour is a global event in which millions of people across the planet switch off their lights for one hour, sending a signal to world leaders that they must take urgent action to tackle climate change.
Sir Jimmy has teamed up with 96.3 Radio Aire – who are responsible for getting WWF’s message out across West Yorkshire – and recorded messages to the people and businesses of Leeds to sign up and switch off their lights for one hour on Saturday 28th March 2009.
96.3 Radio Aire presenter Simon Logan from Logie’s Big Breakfast said “WWF’s Earth Hour is the perfect opportunity for the people of Leeds, West Yorkshire and the world to send a sign to global leaders to show that they care about climate change and that something huge needs to happen. To have Sir Jimmy behind the campaign on the side of WWF and Radio Aire is a great boost, so sign up and switch off, Leeds!”
In the picture, Jenny Seymour from radio Aire is with Sir Jimmy Savile.

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