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TLRC holds the Quay in Iraq

107.4 The Quay has been out on the ground with Portsmouth soldiers in Iraq.

The Quay’s Reporter, Helen Head, was given exclusive access to soldiers from the First Battalion Princess of Wales Royal Regiment – 350 members of the Battalion deployed to Iraq last November.

In a week-long series of special news reports for The Quay, Helen explored 1 PWRR’s role in Iraq – in mentoring and training the Iraqi Army – and how the soldiers have been helping to hand control of security back to the Iraqis in readiness for the final drawn down of British troops by the end of the summer.

She prepared individual targeted reports for 14 other ‘sister stations’ in TLRC’s group, including Isle of Wight Radio, Spirit FM, Arrow FM, Sovereign Radio, Minster FM, Minster Northallerton, Stray FM, Yorkshire Coast Radio, Durham FM, Sun FM, Alpha FM, Fire Radio, Spire FM, and Wessex FM.

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