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4’s Clement Freud remembered

Tributes have been to broadcaster Clement Freud, a former Liberal MP, was a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4's Just A Minute for more than 40 years.

Mark Damazer, Radio 4 Controller, posted a tribute this morning on the Radio 4 blog: "It's a sad day for Radio 4 Comedy. He was a contestant on the first episode of Just A Minute in 1967 and had taken part in every series until his death.

"He had style and he had content. Call it what you will – dry, lugubrious, droll, deadpan – it was a unique way of dealing with the show's inherent verbal challenges – and with the other panellists.

"When I became Controller of Radio 4 he was one of the first people to phone me up. We had not met. His opening line was 'I am a very young man you know and I intend to go on for decades'. He didn't quite achieve that – but he remained a terrific asset to Radio 4 throughout. He will be missed."

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