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Local company wins Aire Auction

Radio Aire's recently auctioned £12k on-air promotion has now been won by local company Acclaimed Security – for just £2,550 on eBay.

It was won by managing director Roy Unwin, whos company will now be the main sponsor of the Live With Logie’ competition where 5 listeners will live with a life size doll of 96.3 Radio Aire’s breakfast host Simon Logan. The listeners will compete on tasks from taking their ‘Logie’ for a walk in the park to getting him into a football match to win £1000.

Roy said “I am delighted to have won the bid to sponsor “Live with Logie” I have worked with Radio Aire to successfully promote my company in offering “Efficient Security Services” to local Businesses, Councils and Public authorities in our area. I see this promotion as a fantastic route forward in these economically difficult times"

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