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Industry gathers for RADIO 3.0

Television and Media publication Broadcast is holding its annual radio conference in London today, and [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/page.php?222]full coverage[/link] is available on Radio Today.

RADIO 3.0 looks at the changing media landscape and how radio can survive and evolve, and brings together leading figures from the commercial radio and public service broadcasting organisations.

The event is chaired by former CEO of Chrysalis Radio Phil Riley, who opens the day at 9:30am. A keynote announcement from Ofcom's Ed Richards follows, before the first event, Market analysis session, gets under way.

Panelists and speakers include Tony Moretta, CEO of DRDB, Richard Wheatly, Chief Executive of Jazz FM, Andria Vidler, Chief Marketing Officer of
Bauer Media, Stuart Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of GMG Radio and Adrian Van Klaveren, Controller of BBC Radio Five Live.

For updates you can visit our live blog [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/page.php?222]here[/link], or follow regular updates on [link=http://www.twitter.com/radioevents]twitter.com/radioevents[/link] until 5:20pm.

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