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Media Monitors covers London

Media Monitors, America’s leading radio spot monitoring service has opened offices in London with a promise to provide radio stations, advertisers and agencies accurate same-day online monitoring reports.

Media Monitors, which is a subsidiary of RCS, tracks thousands of commercials and songs every hour in America and around the world. Using data from Media Monitors, customers track the actual number of radio spots aired, see the actual spot sequence as aired, and can also play the audio of any spot aired.

RCS UK Managing Director Ben Hart said: "Access to this data is critical to media firms which often base advertising strategies on competitive actions.
Receiving same-day data from Media Monitors means sales decisions can be made faster and with very current information.”

Launching first in London (before eventually rolling out to major media markets across the British Isles) Media Monitors has been testing its systems and gathering pre-launch data for several months. The UK service will also include song data for every station monitored.

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