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Ness FM hands back licence

In a week when three radio stations close down, we now hear of a community radio station which has handed its licence back to Ofcom.

Ness Community Radio Ltd planed to start broadcasting as Ness FM in Inverness but has informed Ofcom that they will not go ahead. And as a licence is officially given out once a station has started broadcasting, it means no licence will be issued to the group.

A message on the station's website says: "Thankyou to everyone for supporting Ness Community Radio, especially to the volunteers and the personnel of SNH Inverness and the Spectrum Community Centre. Sadly the project is curtailed due to lack of funding."

The community group was given permission to start broadcasting over [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.1951.4]two years ago[/link], along with five other stations in Scotland.

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