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New revenue stream on offer

A new revenue generating service, which helps to fill unsold airtime, has been snapped up by dozens of radio stations in the UK.

Radio Response offers advertisers with products and services to radio stations with available inventory. Payment is on a Per Inquiry basis, however advertisers are said to be carefully selected, managed and controlled by Radio Response [i]to ensure maximum return for broadcasters.[/i]

Radio Response Managing Director David Harber says: “Our carefully selected clients are offering recession beating solutions to station listeners. We are very mindful that 'PI deals' are treated with some caution when dealing directly with an advertiser, that's why Radio Response has been selflessly designed to succeed only when stations are benefiting."

35 UK stations have already adopted the Radio Response system, with Midwest Radio in Yeovil and Shaftesbury being the latest.

Midwest Radio Managing Director Michele Roberts says: “This is a great way to generate new revenues from unused airtime. We are confident that more of the enquiries generated over this period will convert to cash, making this an indispensable revenue stream at this difficult time."

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