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Ross show to be pre-recorded

Jonathan Ross’ Radio 2 show is to be a pre-recorded production from this weekend as the BBC buckle in the face of criticism and the ongoing fallout from last October’s Sachsgate scandal.

Ross will record his shows as live every Friday, giving the BBC time to edit out any gaffes they think the presenter may have made.

Since returning to the airwaves he’s pretty much been a moving target with every off the cuff remark causing outrage amongst the easily offended who appear to have tuned in specifically to be mortified.

Things came to a dizzy head for BBC management when Ross joked about a Hannah Montana themed prize he was giving away on his radio show. “If your son asks for a Hannah Montana MP3 player,” said the presenter, “You might want to already think about putting him down for adoption before he brings his … erm … partner home."

In a statement a BBC spokesman said: "Radio 2 has reviewed the way that we make all of our programmes since the end of last year," said a spokeswoman for the BBC.Pre-recording Jonathan's show enables us to ensure the programme is watertight in line with compliance whilst attracting the best guests.”

They continued: "It's common practice to pre-record radio programmes and both Radio 2 and Jonathan are all very happy with the plan as we've been discussing the matter for many weeks."

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