TM goes back to the Totally 80s

A new sound for Gary King's syndicated UK show Totally 80s has been created by Dallas-based TM Studios.

The set of eight jingles are now being used to image the show, which is distributed to stations in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. As well as shotguns to get out of commercials and back into the show, there’s extended hour opener beds and theme songs.
Paul Hollins, Blue Revolution’s Managing Director, said: "We’re really enjoying the new sound of Totally 80s. TM Studios is helping us reflect the music and fun of the 80s without sounding dated or clichéd. These jingles do exactly that. Our presenter Gary King loves them… and so do the stations who broadcast the show!"
TM’s Creative Director, Chris Stevens, commented: "The music of the 80s still sounds great today, and we’re glad that these jingles evoke memories of that era, while still having 21st Century production values. We really enjoyed working with Blue Revolution on this project."

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