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AUDIO: Banbury Sound launches

Banbury's Touch Radio has re-launched as Banbury Sound. The station was sold by CN Group in April to a management consortium including programme director Dale Collins.

The first song played on the new station was Beautiful Day by U2, after a long countdown sequence concluded at 8am. The station name was chosen by a local boy who took part in a competition to change the name from Touch.

The Banbury licence was won by CN Group in May 2005 as The Bear and later changed to Touch FM.

The station is using the RCS playout system. Jingles are a resing of TM Studios’ package for Kingdom FM, and imaging is voiced by Dan Harper and produced by Chris Stevens at Devaweb.

Listen to the launch [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/request.php?74]here[/link].

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