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Carter readies to leave Govt

Lord Stephen Carter, the man brought in to bolster the U.K.'s communications and media industry policy and to prepare the report on Digital Britain is to relinquish his post.

If the Communications Minister does leave next month, and it looks as if he might to take up the role of CEO at ITV, it raises many questions about the implementation of the procedures set out in the Report due to be published on June 16.

The former Ofcom man joined the government eighteen months ago as senior strategy advisor before taking up the post of Communications Minister. He applied for the role at the ITV three tears ago, but was beaten to the post by Michael Grade who has since announced his decision to step back from day to day management of the network.

He told the audience at Broadcast’s Delivering Digital Britain conference this week that he hoped the view on the Digital Britain Report would be that, “it was definitely worth writing, [that] there’s substance in the book and it’s made a difference”.

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