Celador wants Edinburgh licence

After operating a month long Restricted Service Licence in Edinburgh, Celador has announced it wants the frequency previously vacated by Talk 107.

Ofcom has never re-advertised a licence in an area which has seen a service cease broadcasting, but now that UTV Radio have left the frequency clear, Celador has made it clear the licence should be made available.
RSL station The Coast 107 ends tonight at 1900, with managing director of The Coast 107 Kevin Stewart saying: "I'll take our format straight to DAB if we win the FM frequency. We won't wait for the eventual switchover. We'll operate on three platforms simultaneously to better serve the people of Edinburgh on FM, DAB and online."
The station is wholly owned by Celador Radio Broadcasting, headed by Paul Smith. He said: Celador is ready to commit to a full-time licence. It's clear that my passion for radio is shared by so many people in Edinburgh, judging by the hundreds of unsolicited emails, texts and calls over the past month."
Kevin Stewart added he is delighted with the response from Edinburgh: "The music we play is very different to what's on offer in the Capital at the moment. This is emphasised by the huge number of our registered listeners who visit our 'last played song' section on the website. They're very interested in tracks they can only hear on The Coast 107, as it reflects their own music collection."
Celador is now preparing evidence there's demand for another radio station in Edinburgh, and is hoping Ofcom will re advertise the frequency.

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