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Hallam hands out hard cash

Hallam FM is giving listeners the chance to win £1000 by answering 10 questions in one minute in their £1k MINUTE competition, which starts on Monday on the Big John show.

Big John will call the first lucky listener at 8am on Monday and ask them 10 questions in 1 minute. For every correct answer they will win £10, if all 10 are answered correctly then they will win £1000.

For a chance to play and win, listeners must register online at www.hallamfm.co.uk.

The cash giveaway follows the station’s competition to create a new flavour of ice cream for the Big John Breakfast Show. Listeners suggesting flavours that will ultimately be whittled down to the top three and then taken around South Yorkshire in a taste test, the ultimate winner getting to see their ice cream created and sold.

Big John said ‘It’s taken me 9 years on Hallam FM’s Breakfast Show to get to manipulate my position to have my very own flavoured ice cream and I am very, very excited. Next I’ll want to have my own shop.”

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