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Harvey Goldsmith at GMG Radio

Harvey Goldsmith will present a series of documentaries for GMG Radio starting this weekend, called Pop Svengalis.

Pop Svengalis is a six part series in which Goldsmith tells the story of 18 of the most famous and infamous names in the music business who gained their reputation through hard bargaining and ruthless management.

The hour-long programmes give an insider view of the careers of names such as Brian Epstein, Berry Gordy, Andrew Loog Oldham, Malcolm McLaren, Pete Waterman and Simon Cowell investigates just what it is, and was, about them that earned them the mantle of ‘Svengalis’.

The series will feature interviews from some of the ‘Svengalis’ themselves, including the aforementioned along with Simon Napier Bell, Tom Watkins and Robert Stigwood, as well as the artists they signed and worked with, such as Barry and Robin Gibb, Roberta Flack, Glen Matlock, Terry Reid and Angie Bowie.

It was produced by Manchester radio indie All Out Productions, where senior producer Richard McIlroy says that getting Goldsmith on board was a real coup: "Harvey isn’t a trained presenter but once he was in front of the microphone he was natural, and he had a wealth of personal stories about many of the great names we feature, plus its great to have been given the opportunity to work with GMG Radio again".

Pop Svengalis will begin this Sunday the 7th of June at 1pm on Real, Smooth and Rock Radios and will run for six weeks.

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