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Listener changes name to Juice

A 28 year old listener to Liverpool's Juice FM has changed her name to Carla 107.6 Juice FM Drew, in a bid to win tickets to the FA Cup Final last weekend.

Carla eventually won the tickets, but was up against some stiff competition, including a pledge of giving ashes of a dead relative by one listener, in order to get their hands on the free tickets.

In addition to changing her name, Carla has also agreed to hand over a football signed by the cast of US sitcom ‘Friends’, a memory box containing mementoes charting important events in her life and a crisp packet she’d had for 15 years that was dropped by a boy she’d ‘fancied forever’.

On winning the tickets, the soon-to-be named Carla 107.6 Juice FM Drew said: “I’m over the moon, I can’t believe I’ve won. I’ve been trying to get tickets since Everton beat Manchester United in the semi-final. But I’d had no joy even though I’d tried every avenue I could think off.

Iain Fowler, 107.6 Juice FM, station director, added: “Carla is a real star and I’m delighted she’s won. She had some stiff competition, literally. People were offering us the ashes of dead relatives, holidays, the services of their mums, dads, sisters, brothers and grandparents for the day and three people offered to streak during the final with nothing but David Moyes masks covering their modesty. Carla is worthy winner, great name!”

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