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Royal Mail signs with Capital FM

Capital FM is teaming up with Royal Mail to support the postal service's Simply Drop campaign.

The week long promotion, currently in play, is being featured on Johnny and Lisa’s breakfast show till Friday. It involves the Royal Mail asking people to post their old mobile phones, cameras and Mp3 players in an envelope to their Head Office where they will be recycled and in return they will receive money back or they can donate the sum to one of five charities.

The Capital FM street team is also out in various locations throughout London distributing envelopes to Londoners randomly. They’ll also distribute a unique web address on capitalfm.com and people will have to log on to try and win a cash prize of £1,000. Royal Mail plans to extend the service throughout the UK if 90,000 people send in their phones, cameras or MP3s as part of the ‘Simply Drop’ campaign.

The five figure deal has been secured was by OMD.

Paul Jackson, Group Programme Director, 95.8 Capital FM said: “Royal Mail's Simply Drop is a great scheme encouraging Londoner’s to recycle and give money to charity where possible. We’re looking forward to seeing the Capital's response!”

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