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The Severn to leave Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury's local station The Severn has gained Ofcom permission to move the entire station to Telford.

Daytime programmes outside of breakfast already originate from Telford with a shared presenter on Telford FM, The Wyre and The Severn. But this latest Format change will allow the breakfast show and station staff at The Severn to move to Telford FM.

Ofcom says the request for a co-location upgrade to house The Severn at Telford was not unexpected: "The regionalisation of programming appears to have been carried out with no detriment to the listener and there is no reason to suppose that moving the breakfast show into the same centre as the other shows will be detrimental, either."

Breakfast at all stations has now been extended to 11am, with a shared daytime presenter from 11am till 4pm, and drive time from 4pm till 7pm.

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