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TV coverage for 107 The Bee

East Lancashire station 107 The Bee enjoyed a few minutes of regional television coverage on Tuesday, when a man attempting to break a world record visited the studio.

The station welcomed Jamie Dodd, who is attempting to do a different job for 365 consecutive days, along with news cameras from Granada Reports to film his first day at work.

He co-hosted the drivetime show with presenter Adam Alcock.

Adam told RadioToday.co.uk: “I found the quirky story and as he is from Darwen I thought it would be great to get him on the show. It has generated a lot of local interest and the fact that the TV cameras came down to film was a bonus and is good publicity for the station.”

Father-of-three Jamie, aged 30, decided to attempt the unique record breaking challenge – “Project 365” – after being made redundant.

Within the first hour of being on the show businesses were lining up to offer him a job. He said: “I really enjoyed being a radio presenter for the day and the team, especially Adam, made me feel really welcome and at ease.

“I just hope the other 364 days will be as fun as this!”

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