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Chill disappears from DAB

Chill is to cease broadcasting on DAB in a number of areas from next week. The decision comes after Arqiva recently took ownership of a number of DAB multiplexes from Chill’s parent company, Global Radio.

The areas affected by the removal of the station from the multiplex are Bristol, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Cardiff, Exeter and Torbay, Kent, Norwich, Peterborough, Plymouth and Cornwall, Reading and Basingstoke, Southend and Chelmsford, Sussex Coast, Swindon and Severn Estuary.

Chill will continue to broadcast on DAB in London, parts of the West Midlands and Scotland and online as well as providing a series of new podcasts via their new community site at helpyouchill.com.

In a statement, a Chill spokesman said: “I am sorry that the DAB change couldn't be avoided. Our parent company and Arqiva have been great to us for years. They are facing the same credit crunch as the rest of us, and their business choices mean jobs and food for a lot of people. So please don't snow them under with letters!”

A Global Radio spokesperson added: "Chill will continue to broadcast on digital radio in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh and will also be available online. As a result of a recent review of our digital services we're pleased to expand our popular Galaxy brand to many other areas via digital radio."

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