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Moyles rails against rules

Controversial Radio One DJ Chris Moyles has railed against the BBC’s compliance obsessed culture. In an interview with the Radio Times, the presenter complained about the levels of paranoia at the Corporation post ‘Sachsgate’.

Moyles went on to say: "The BBC is in a very weird state where they just don't want to upset anybody. Everything now needs to be signed, sealed and approved 18 times.”

He branded radio as dull and formulaic, blaming its insipidness for making broadcasters like himself and Jonathan Ross stand out even more.
"We're not trying to change the world,” he said, “ but because radio is so boring anyone different stands out.”

He continued: "So the BBC is throwing down rules and regulations on you and then the newspapers are saying certain things and you're just trying to juggle everything while keeping everyone happy at the same time. And the reality is that you can't keep everyone happy all the time."

A BBC spokesman responded: "Chris is never backwards in coming forwards but, while he is entitled to his opinion, we think that lively, distinctive and risk-taking radio is alive and well at the BBC.

"We have a duty to ensure all our programmes are editorially compliant, but that doesn't mean our producers and presenters can't take creative risks if it means better programmes for listeners."

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