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Wolf journalist to stand tall

Lee Burton, Head of News at 107.7 The Wolf in Wolverhampton is to stand on the Fourth Plinth for an hour this coming Thursday, July 30th.

Lee is one of 2,400 people who have been given the opportunity to be part of a living art project, in which sculptor Antony Gormley invited the people of the UK to occupy the empty Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square in London, a space normally reserved for statues of Kings and Generals.

Earlier this month, BBC Radio York's Jonathan Cowap [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.4958]spent[/link] an hour broadcasting from the location.

Lee will take his turn this Thursday from 5am till 6am, and will be live on the project website. He said: “When I first heard about this project, I wanted to be involved. To be honest, I still can't put my finger on why – maybe it's because it's something different and interesting, maybe it's because all eyes would be on me for 60 minutes, or simply because I love gimmicks like this."

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