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Auction off Radio 1, again

Ed Vaizey, the Tory shadow broadcasting minister has proposed that the BBC should be forced to sell Radio 1 to the highest commercial bidder.

He also said the Conservatives, if they win power, would insist that the BBC came clean about the amount of money it pays BBC staff such as Jonathan Ross.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Vaizey said he believes the station is failing to reach young listeners: "Radio 1 is not fulfilling its obligation to its audience. It's median age is those in their thirties when it should aim much more at teenagers and people in their twenties.

"There is then a good argument for the BBC to be rid of Radio 1 and give the commercial sector a chance to use the frequency."

In comparing radio to television, he said the corporation was more dominant than its commercial rivals pointing to the fact that it held four out of five national FM licences. The only exception is Classic FM.

A Tory spokesman told the paper that the sale of Radio 1 was not party policy.

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