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Bauer jock checks into rehab?

Lucy Horobin, co-host of Bauer Media's network evening show IN:DEMAND has NOT been checked into rehab despite reports on station websites.

News of Lucy being admitted to The Priory Rehab Centre made the [link=http://www.rockfm.co.uk/Article.asp?id=1453904&spid=21847]main feature[/link] story yesterday, and suggested Lucy had been pushed to the brink by her "funky" radio lifestyle.

One friend said online: "She’s really pushed it in Ibiza, It's not an exaggeration to say that unless she sorts herself out, this relentless dalliance with pop tunes and idle gossip will only have one ending. And it won't be happy. It's time for some tough love which is why we've taken her to get help."

However, friends of Lucy have contacted Radio Today stating she is fine and well. Was this an attempt at a PR stunt, or an authorised story by Bauer PR?

The programme is broadcast acorss the North of England on Metro Radio, CFM, TFM, Viking FM, Radio Aire, Rock FM, Key 103, Radio City and Hallam FM each weekday at 7pm.

[b]Please note this story orginally reported on the information which was displayed on the Bauer websites – which has since been taken down.[/b]

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