Clyde 1 listeners go Ga Ga

Clyde 1 has been playing an unreleased cover version of Lady Gaga's Just Dance, as listeners keep requesting it.

Colin Kelly played the song thinking it was by a well known band outside the UK, but it turns out it was made by an unknown pop duo called KaraMel from Canada, who are loving the long-distance support.
"I just thought the song was amazing, so I asked them if they could send me an MP3 that I could play on my radio show. I assumed that it was a band that maybe was quite big somewhere else," Colin told Toronto's Star newspaper. "Then I realized they weren't well-known, that they didn't have a record deal, that they weren't really that famous at all. So, I suppose, I kind of felt like I'd discovered something a bit special and played it on my show."
Listeners to Clyde 1 have been requesting the song to be played and asking where they could get a copy.

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