Cridland leaves the BBC

Head of audio and music James Cridland is to leave the BBC's future media and technology unit on September 2. The director of and Trustee of The Radio Academy announced his decision to leave on his blog this afternoon.

The former copywriter and presenter joined Virgin Radio in 2001, where he was Digital Media Director before joining the BBC in 2007 as part of the BBC Future Media and Technology's Audio and Music team, spearheading the work on the BBC iPlayer for radio.
He said: “I’m proud to have significantly increased the audio quality of our online streams, played my part in a radio player for the entire radio industry, and laid the foundation for truly interactive radio.
He added: “I’ll be exploring a bit of the world’s radio industries, before popping up somewhere new and exciting in the Spring – in radio, naturally. It’s in my blood.”

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