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Figures are out for Q2 2009

Official RAJAR listening figures for Quarter 2 of 2009 are now public. This quarter, we see Touch Radio Warwick reporting for the first time, along with Exeter FM.

Changes to station names or groups include Century Radio to Real Radio, Touch Radio Banbury to Banbury Sound and alterations to 10 stations now using the Heart brand.

And sadly, there are a lot of stations now not reporting for various reasons, including change of ownership and closure of services. Valleys Radio, SOuth FM, Time FM 106.8, Radio Hampshire and Mix 107 are just some which we will no longer hear about in the RAJAR results.

Connect FM and Lite FM are still operating, but have removed themselves from RAJAR this quarter.

For unique graphs and news about the figures, be sure to click on [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/rajar]radiotoday.co.uk/rajar[/link]

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