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Listener Driven software launches

A new tool which allows radio listeners to choose the next song to be played on-air has launched in the UK and Europe.

Listener Driven Radio, which launched last month in the United States, is being described as "crowd-sourcing" for radio, as architect Daniel Anstandig explains: "The LDR technology allows a broadcaster to constantly absorb listener input, song votes, comments on music, embrace new music, and automatically adapt programming output in real-time. The audience can control the stations on-air product … within the parameters and format environment that the Programme Director creates."

LDR features song voting via a computer and iPhone, the ability to choose the next song, and the ability to suggest new songs. The software can also email a listener when their chosen song is about to play.

A special widget can be played on a station's current website with all the functions. Click here for more details.

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