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Mr and Mrs take on Breakfast

Real Radio in the North East has put its drivetime presenter on breakfast for a fortnight, along with his wife.

Real Drivetime Presenter Ben Weston was told live on air last Friday morning that regular breakfast presenters Beck and Kelly had found him the perfect co-host – his wife.

Ben said, “I’m used to covering for Beck and Kelly when they go on their holidays, but when they told me I’d be doing the show with a hot new co-host, I honestly had Kirsty Gallagher in mind! But I guess I can make do with the mrs for a couple of weeks!”

Jon Kirby, Acting Programme Controller for the station said: “As Ben usually covers breakfast if Beck and Kelly are on holiday, this time round we thought it would be fun to make a change and introduce ‘Mrs Ben’ to our listeners! I’m sure she will keep him on his toes and it may even show us a different side to Ben…..could he be revealed as a hen pecked husband……we’ll have to wait and see, and find out who really wears the trousers in the Weston household! I fear there may be trouble ahead!”

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