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RTE 2 FM upsets regulator

Ireland's broadcasting regulator has censured RTE 2 FM over an 'offensive' sketch about the band Boyzone. Two actors posing as Ronan Keating and Stephen Gately debated the problem of an itchy groin after waxing.

The segment drew a complaint from one listener who said that children could have heard the item on a breakfast show.

The regulator agreed, finding that the sketch was inappropriately scheduled as it was aired at 0855 GMT and also featured a discussion between the actors about wanting to attack fellow band member Mikey Graham with a snooker cue.

RTE argued the segment was within audience expectations. Stating that the Colm and Jim Jim Breakfast Show was aimed at a 25 to 44 age group who would tolerate the tone of language and imagery.

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission rejected the station’s defence.

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