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The Radio Revolution continues

Steve Penk's 96.2fm Revolution Radio is continuing to re-gain a local audience, with an extra 11,000 listeners since this time last year.

In Wales, Red Dragon FM is celebrating the success of its new breakfast show ‘Kam and Sally at breakfast’, which has added an extra 10,000 listeners this quarter. The station itself is also up year-on-year.

The station formerly known as Northants 96, has added an extra 45,000 listeners this quarter, taking the weekly reach from 21 to 28 per cent. It's fair to say most Heart stations are also up with 200,000 new listeners across the network.

Juice FM in Liverpool has broken the one million weekly listening hours barrier, with average hours now up from 5.9 to 8.1 per week. Gillian Hall, Programme Controller said “It is great to see that Liverpool are loving Juice FM! Going over the one million listening hours and nearly doubling our average listening hours is a great testament to the team here at 107.6 Juice FM”.

In Scotland, Clyde 1 now has a market share of 18.8 per cent, its highest in six years, with Bowie at Breakfast still proving popular. Paul Saunders, Radio Clyde’s Programme Director, said “A lot of hard work has seen us add two million hours to Clyde 1 over the last two years. It’s a competitive market but we are getting a great reaction to the content that we broadcast and it’s rewarding to see the proof of this in these figures”.

In Newcastle, Metro Radio adds 24,000 listeners, whilst in Northern Ireland the combined weekly reach of Bauer's Cool FM and Downtown is up over the previous quarter by 35,000 listeners, and back over the half million mark with a weekly reach at 530,000.

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