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Corrie Street stars are the Key

Michelle Keegan and Jennie McAlpine from Coronation Street are helping Mike Toolan on breakfast this week.

The two stars of the street, better known as Tina and Fiz, will be standing in for Mike's co-presenter Chelsea whilst she takes a few days off.

Mike Toolan said: “Cheslea’s had enough of me so is having a break for a few days and I thought it would be a great chance to get some of the Coronation Street cast to help me out. Michelle was first on my list and was fantastic this morning. For Tuesday, I’m really looking forward to Jennie taking the hot seat. Manchester has some of the best talent around and I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to get it on the show."

Chelsea said: "I feel sorry for the girls! 6am is not the most social time to get up … and then to spend 4 hours with Mike. Heaven help them!”

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