Hallam resurrects the caravan

The Radio Hallam Caravan is back in business around South Yorkshire, after breakfast presenter Big John found it rotting in a garage.

Big John says It's an iconic piece of Sheffield broadcasting history: "Outside is covered in the original Radio Hallam logos and proudly boasts the old Sheffield 0742 phone-in number.
"I've no idea how long this thing has been locked up under a sheet for, but stepping inside is like going back in time! In fact, a little part of me has wondered if this is a frozen piece of the 80's that wasn't meant to be disturbed! Maybe it should have been buried next to the Blue Peter time capsule!"
It's a very compact three berth standard caravan, converted in the 1980's to be used as a mobile broadcast studio, and to host Radio Hallam road-shows. Big John continues: "The wooden effect walls are lined with pictures of all the pop-stars of the day, the melamine drawers are full of memorabilia and there's even a box full of the old Radio Hallam Fluffy bugs."

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