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Lancashire goes down to the wire

BBC Radio Lancashire’s On The Wire, of the longest running alternative music shows in the history of UK radio, celebrates its 25th anniversary this month.

Once dubbed ‘a unique BBC product’, the show has been produced and presented by Steve Barker for the past quarter of a century.

Steve says: “The amazing thing about going all these years is that some people have listened all the way through and others have rediscovered the show after many years “in the wilderness”.

“It’s been a real privilege for me and the rest of the On the Wire team to be able to run a freeform radio show within the hallowed studios of the BBC.”

It also expanded its reach beyond the airwaves releasing a compilation CD Bugs on the Wire and putting The Fall on for free at Clitheroe Castle in front of 2500 people.

Celebrations to mark its birthday will feature friends and collaborators from the past 25 years from Detroit and Seattle to Beijing and Blackburn.

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