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Less is more for Swansea Bay

Town and Country radio station Swansea Bay Radio has decided to shorten its name – to Bay Radio.

The station, which broadcasts on 102.1 FM, [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.1272]launched[/link] in November 2006 but has mostly been known as Bay Radio, as Broadcast Director Andy Griffiths explains: "Many listeners have been calling us ‘Bay Radio’ since we started – it became like a nickname. Our signal goes far beyond the Swansea area, so our new name travels further.

"When you switch us on in the car ‘BAYRADIO’ fits neatly into the RDS display. Also, because our new name is shorter – we can pack in and play even more great songs”.

The station has launched a new jingle package to sing the new name, created by TM Studios in Dallas.

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