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Lite connects to Kettering

Kettering and Corby's Connect FM and Peterborough's Lite FM have been given Ofcom approval to share all programmes outside of breakfast.

In a format change request, Mark Jeeves, Managing Director of Lite FM and Connect FM, says each station would retain its separate and individual identity, with bespoke local news, and local content.

The station says the changes would allow each station to be more active in their respective broadcast areas via local marketing and community teams.

In approving the change, Ofcom says both stations have an MCA of fewer than 250,000 adults, the two are not too far apart geographically, and there are cultural affinities between the two areas (despite them being in different counties).

The two stations were one of the first commercial stations in the UK to co-locate, with approval being given in December 2006 to house both stations in Peterborough, as [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.1492]reported[/link] by RadioToday.co.uk at the time.

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