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New iPod range includes radio

The new range of iPod nano digital music players from Apple will include a built-in FM radio, and the facility to pause and rewind live radio programmes.

In America, certain radio stations will also offer iTunes tagging, meaning any song being played on the radio can be tagged for purchase later in the iTunes Store.

A simple radio set has been missing from all Apple iPod products until now, but the new range, which also includes a video camera, a larger 2.2-inch colour display and built in pedometer will be released shortly.

The popular iPhone and iPod Touch models still lack a basic FM radio chip, but streaming via the iPhone is becoming more popular here in the UK and around the world.

The ability to listen and pause live radio on what is so far the world's most popular music player can only be seen as a positive move, and will no doubt be welcomed by the radio industry.

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