Sussex stations share daytime

The networked weekday 11am till 3pm programme on Splash FM and Bright FM is to extend across Sussex and air on Sovereign Radio and Arrow FM too.

All four stations are owned by the same company, and in requesting Ofcom approval to make the changes, Programme Controller Paul Williams said: "Sovereign Radio and Arrow FM have made significant financial loses over many years.
"The acquisition of these two stations by Media Sound Holdings Ltd provides us with a unique opportunity to use the benefits of networking and shared resource to reverse years of losses."
Ofcom said: "Each of the four stations has an MCA of fewer than 250,000 adults, and all are located in Sussex and thus there is a degree of cultural affinity between them all."
Previously, Sovereign Radio and Arrow FM was in automation during the day. They were both [link=]sold[/link] by TLRC in June.

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