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Bauer blocks Compare My Radio

Bauer Media has stopped feeding Kiss 100 song information online in a bid to stop beta website CompareMyRadio.com from using it.

Playlist details from Kiss were being used by the new site to compare it against other radio stations, but Bauer is concerned the information is not factually correct.

CompareMyRadio.com automatically takes "Now Playing" information from station playout systems via the web, but because some programmes on Kiss don't pass through a computer, managing director Steve Parkinson says the information could be mis-used: "If the information is wrongly interpreted it could work against us when it is not factually correct, for example with artists in terms of airplay."

As a result, the station has pulled the data from their website to prevent it being mis-represented.

Steve continued to tell RadioToday.co.uk: "Our concern is that this doesn't look as if it's a like-for-like comparison. From a Kiss point of view the system doesn't seem to track the full range of Kiss programming. Unlike most other radio stations much of our output is not on a computer due to our specialist mix that champions new music upfront, so doesn't seem to have captured the actual variety that we are proud of."

A message on the Kiss section of comparemyradio.com says: "Our data robot says that this station has either removed their now playing information, or is outputting incorrect data."

Clive Dickens from Absolute Radio: "CompareMyRadio.com tracks 'Now Playing' information which is in the public domain. Bauer have chosen to remove the now playing information for Kiss from their website."

It also takes data from the BBC, Global Radio, GMG Radio, Absolute and NME. Playlist information from Q Radio, also owned by Bauer, continues to be displayed.

GMG Radio is taking a different view. John Simons, Group Programme Director told RadioToday.co.uk: “As we publish this on our websites already and it shows the broader variety of music played by Smooth Radio and Rock Radio compared to the rest of the industry I can only see this as a positive for GMG Radio”.

CompareMyRadio.com is part of One Golden Square Labs, owned by Absolute Radio (TIML Radio Ltd).

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