Chris Evans ready to takeover

Chris Evans has admitted that when it came to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show he’d run out of ideas and was out of control.
Talking to Jonathon Ross on his show, which airs on BBC One tonight, Evans admitted that: “I was so messed up, I was crazy.”

He added: “"I've always been tricky to work with, but I stopped delivering, I'd run out of ideas… I lost control of the whole situation.
"Someone should have come up and said you're out of order… [but] I can't blame anyone."
Though, when asked about taking over from Terry Wogan, Evans was adamant that he wouldn’t make the same mistakes again, saying: “There was no fear, I said yes [to the Wogan job] straightaway.
“What happened at Radio 1 will never happen again, I will never get to that point."

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