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Christmas push for Digital Radio

DAB and digital radio is to benefit from a major marketing campaign in the run-up to christmas in an attempt to persuade more people to buy a digital set.

Details of the campaign are released on the day figures show listening to DAB has dropped in the last three months.

The two 60-second commercials feature the voices of [i]television[/i] stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb and use humour to highlight some of the benefits of listening via digital radio.

Station choice and text display are featured in the ads which will run for four weeks until the end of November.

Digital Radio Development Bureau chief executive Tony Moretta says: "This is just the beginning of a strong pre-Christmas campaign by the radio industry to support our manufacturer and retailer partners in promoting the benefits of digital radio. We know that consumers love the extra choice and features they get with a digital radio and who better to get that message across than the inimitable Mitchell and Webb."

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