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Emergency station in a box

Broadcast Warehouse has created a radio station in a box for FIRST Response to use in case of emergencies such as the recent natural disasters in Indonesia.

The kit includes a transmitter capable of broadcasting over a 20km range and can be set up almost anywhere.

An engineer from RRI, the Indonesian National Broadcaster said ‘I can’t believe that the equipment is so compact yet has such a great coverage!’

The system is powered by BW Broadcast’s TX600. The latest tests have confirmed that within 5 days, FIRST Response were able to set up a base and transmit up to 20km. With this range they are able to transmit invaluable information, creating a lifeline to those in need.

Mike Adams from Far East Broadcasting Company commented that FIRST Response is very happy with the kit that Broadcast Warehouse put together for us; it works well in the field.

Using a Label AKS/1N 800W Omni Dipole Antenna with the TX600 and Eupen cabling, the FIRST Response team have been able to set new records for speed of set-up and with time hope to get the time down further.

Brendan Lofty from Broadcast Warehouse said: "This life saving service can be deployed anywhere in reaction to a disaster. Not only are the kits cost effective but they are quick and easy to deploy."

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