Evans knew for six months..

Chris Evans knew he was to replace Sir Terry Wogan on Radio 2's breakfast show for over six months.

"It's probably the longest secret in media ever," he told Christian O'Connell on Absolute Radio's breakfast show this morning.

Chris Evans accepted a public invite from Christian O'Connell to appear on the Absolute Radio breakfast show and after 20 minutes, the subject turned to his new show.

Chris said: "It's the only secret I've ever kept, and my team and I wondered every day when it was going to be leaked". He refused to comment if he knew for over 12 months or not.
Christian asked Chris via Twitter if he wanted to be a guest on his show, to which Chris replied "Happy to oblige, just let me know when."

The invitation was tweeted at 9:02am on Monday morning, with a response working its way around the Twitter-verse just 43 minutes later.

@achrisevans good morn Chris, just had Nick Cleg on and Cameron was on recently. How about the next future leader of the country(@ breakfast)U?

@The_OC Happy to oblige, just let me know when. X

Even Richard Bacon got caught up in the conversation:

@achrisevans so tomorrow you're technically back on the Virgin Radio breakfast show. Which is very exciting. Try not to end up in court

Christian had to confirm the appointment yesterday by asking Chris: "all good for me for 8am tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Is it a date?" to which Chris replied: "see you then."

Chris hasn't been on-air at Absolute Radio nay, Virgin Radio, since he notoriously left his breakfast show position after repeatedly failing to arrive at work, not long after he sold the station to SMG in 2001.

Last night, O'Connell interviewed Neil Fox at a Radio Academy event in London.

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