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Former BBC man gets the Hoff

Former PC and BBC radio producer Paul Smith has created an iPhone app called Ask The Hoff.

The app also features jingles recorded at TM Studios in Dallas, written and arranged by Creative Director Chris Stevens.

According to the app, scientists have downloaded Hoff's fantastic brain into the iPhone. After the user asks a question and shakes the phone, an animated version of the Hoff replies with one of a number of pre-recorded responses, voiced by Hasselhoff himself.

Radio stations have also been given access to the audio recorded by the Hoff – a selection of the responses used in the app can be obtained by emailing info@neverodd.co.uk.

"Before becoming a producer and PC, I was a copywriter with Emap for five years," said Paul "so working on this app really was a flashback to my radio career."

"It's a very simple and silly idea, but everyone loves The Hoff and this gives iPhone and iPod owners the chance to receive spiritual guidance from their favourite bouffant haired Trans Am-driving lifeguard."

The app goes on sale today (Friday) and costs 59p.

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