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Radio 4 investigates Healthcare

BBC Radio 4's Today presenter Justin Webb has teamed up with Manchester radio indie All Out Productions to produce a documentary investigating the effects of the proposed reform in Healthcare.

Justin was most recently based in the USA as the BBC's North America correspondent.

The quick turnaround documentary was commissioned by Mohit Bakaya at Radio 4, and its the second time that Webb has worked with All Out producer Gemma Newby. Previously they collaborated on a documentary for Radio 4 and BBC World Service looking at the difference in the standards of diabetes care.

"Its been fantastic to work again with Justin" according to Gemma. " He has such a great insight into American thinking which really helps when tackling such a complicated issue. The programme is tackling a subject which has divided the US, but what we wanted to do is reveal the effects the reforms will have on us in the UK, that has not really been debated",

US Health Reform: Beware of Side Effects! will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 this Sunday the 11th of October at 1:30pm

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