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Website for UK Radio planned

The BBC and representatives from the commercial radio sector are planning to create a single website with Listen Live links for every radio station in Britain.

And whilst such websites already exist, it's the first time the two broadcasting rivals have worked together to create a joint website.

The site is hoping to be testing before Christmas, with a launch in early 2010, but will need full approval from the BBC Trust. They recently rejected a plan to include commercial services within the iPlayer, saying that such a project was too complicated and would not deliver value to licence fee payers.

Tim Davie, director of audio and music at the BBC told the [link=http://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/tv-radio/single-website-for-all-uk-radio-stations-by-early-next-year-1809420.html]Independent[/link]: "I would argue that currently we are somewhat underpowered in terms of a radio offer online, and that’s where radio faces a real threat?as people can go to other services and get their music globally."

Andrew Harrison, chief executive of the RadioCentre, which represents the commercial sector of the industry, said: “I think it’s going to be quite a breakthrough project. The sector wants it to happen and we are working in a cross-industry team. I’d hope we would have something ready to test shortly, before Christmas.”

There are already many independent websites websites which provide listen live links for all UK radio stations, including [link=http://radiofeeds.co.uk]RadioFeeds.co.uk[/link].

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