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Another station fails to log

Ofcom has found another short-term community radio station in breach of licence conditions for failing to log its output.

Radio Ramadhan in Keighley operated under an RSL licence in September, but told Ofcom their hard-drive recorder was faulty.

The regulator was investigating a complaint that the station was broadcasting content biased towards the Labour Party.

The station said it had no bias towards any political party, and it had invited representatives from all the political parties to participate in local community awareness programmes.

When asked for a recording of the programme in question, Radio Ramadhan Keighley explained that it was unable to obtain the recording from its logging facility.

It said a computer hardware failure meant that the external hard drive used to record programmes was faulty, and had failed to record the programme.

All radio stations must keep recordings of their output for 42 days, regardless of the duration of their licence.

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