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Cambridge station could close

Less than a week after it was announced the first community radio station in the UK is to close, another community group has said it too will close unless extra funding is found.

Cambridge station 209radio will cease transmission by the end of the year unless the people of the city support it, the station said.

The station has only recently announced plans to offer more to the citizens of Cambridge in 2010, which include renaming the station to reposition itself more strongly within the Cambridge community, but it can now only survive if someone comes forward able to offer it a lifeline. Chairman of 209radio Clive Woodman is calling for support today or lose the station for good.

He says: "We have reached a point now whereby we need stable regular financial support to help with our core costs and continue to provide this incredible and unique service to the residents and community groups of Cambridge. We are calling for anyone who can help financially to come forward now!"

209radio is also looking for the business community to help by advertising on the station.

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