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Enter stage left: Satellite Radio

As the debate surrounding the future of radio platforms continues, a private Madrid-based company is planning to launch European-wide satellite radio in 2012.

And the company, Ondas Media, has already signed a deal with Jazz FM to broadcast the station in 27 countries via satellite.

Deals with car manufacturers such as Nissan and BMW and other broadcast and technology partners are expected to be announced this week, as Ondas prepare to launch a service for the whole of Europe.

Jazz FM's deal also includes a cooperation agreement where the station and Ondas will create additional specialist radio channels.

Dave Krueger, CEO at Ondas Media told Rapid TV News: "I am stunned at the level of support, and interest being shown,"

The service will work in a similar way to SIRIUS XM in America, with signals being picked up from satellites for the majority, with terrestrial repeaters for tunnels.

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