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RCS UK office on the move

Computer software company RCS is moving to new premises in Surrey to deal with its ever-expanding business.

New facilities in Godalming will include a brand new dedicated “disaster recovery” studio for UK clients.

Managing Director Ben Hart explained: “Although no-one likes to think about the possibility of some form of natural or man-made disaster affecting their business, in the radio industry it is imperative to stay on the air at all costs, so a number of our clients have already signed up to this facility where they will have access to a fully-functional broadcast studio which even has a back-up of their latest databases. At our new premises we are going to be expanding the scope of this project so that our clients will have access to the most up-to-date facility, using the very latest tools and software.”

From RCS World head quarters in New York, Mike Powell, Vice President of the Group’s International Division, added: “RCS UK is one of the largest and most successful RCS operations anywhere in the world. Ben Hart and his team have a passion for customer service which has played no small part in the company’s success in one of the world’s most sophisticated and competitive radio markets.

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